A Healthy Network Is An Expanding Network

post-socialmediaDo you still avoid Social Media? Do you think LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram are a waste of time? Do you realize the consequences? Social Media platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook, allow network expansion beyond your usual connections for good reason.

You may be content with your small network, but do you realize you are limiting opportunities you may receive? Think about when you are looking for a job or for a candidate for a position. You may think you find the best opportunities from your close friends, but studies show that loose connections actually present more opportunities than your close connections. Close connections are typically sharing the same information network, particularly a tight niche field, and, therefore, learning about opportunities at approximately the same time you do. New information usually arrives from beyond your network, through loose connections. If you want a message to go outside of your regular trade, develop your loose connections. For instance, say you are in the financial field and you develop a training program which may be used in multiple fields. Working your loose connections in other fields can send your training viral. Likewise, if you want information on new opportunities, reach beyond your small network and develop your loose connections.

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