Falling Up! (The Happy Five-O Birthday Blog)

You may have noticed that I have not blogged in some months (Thank you for noticing!). Excuses range from selling my 2500 square foot house, downsizing and moving into a 1300 square foot condo (see my past blog on Clutter: The Hidden Costs!), my twice-postponed-but-still-promised 10 day southwestern road trip with my daughter, work ($!*%!), family obligations, important time with loved ones, BIG birthdays (ya TODAY!) and general unproductive business (busy-ness).


Things have a tendency to fall away. I do love blogging, but this is an important point to realize. If you are too busy for something, then perhaps you don’t have the passion you should have for it or it is not that important. If it IS important to you (like blogging is to me), your time management and focus must be realigned. Reassess the things you should delegate, automate or eliminate.

I had a good boss once that told me, “Things fall off your desk. If they’re important or urgent, they’ll get back up there.  If they’re not, they won’t. Let things fall away.”

After you reread my blog on Clutter and its effect on your life, consider letting some things fall away. Allow yourself to drop some things. Decide to delegate things. Accept that it is ok. Enjoy!

Any comments you would care to share?

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