Meditation Epiphanies

aa-meditateOn my journey to change my life into the life I deserve, I have several resources, coaches, and tools I employ.  One such tool is meditation.  Meditation helps me connect to my creative, passionate core.  Focus, motivation and deep profound peace comes from my meditation and, often, an epiphany.  Today’s meditation brought me peace and calm and ideas for my product development goal.

Last month, I highlighted some of my passions.  Today, ideas on how to merge my writing passion, real estate expertise and engineering experience together emerged.

And, to mark progress, I have almost completed two tools I believe I need; Camtasia Studio 9 software for filming and editing content for e-learning courses; and a website design course.  Truth be told, I may hire out the website design as it is not really a passion for me.  Next to do list items are poll my target demographic and beta test my ideas.

Wish me luck.

Any comments you would care to share?

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Lesley Davidson

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