Taking First Steps

journeysEvery journey begins with the first step. This year, on January 1, I took my first step. Here in this blog.  I have had trepidation about making a bold statement (and announcing it publicly!  Trust me, even on a blog with a small following, writing and putting yourself ‘out there’ for all to see is stressful and gutsy!) about my life changing goals this year seeking my passions and ways to monetize them to build the life I imagine. Although I have never had the dream of what I wanted to do like so many kids who say they want to grow up to be a fireman, a doctor, or the President of the United States of America, I do know what I don’t want to do.  Once I used that knowledge as a compass to move things that didn’t please me out of my life. Now, however, I realize I must make more proactive moves than passively eliminating things from my life.  I must apply some GOYA!  GOYA is, in short, Get Off Your Ass.  You must identify your passion and take daily steps toward building the life that feeds you.

After several difficult weeks fraught with deep thoughts, questions and uncertainties, a few epiphanies appeared.  My passions, I realize, are:

  1. Being a mom.
  2. My loved ones and family.
  3. Helping and teaching others with real estate questions and goals.
  4. Helping others with my structural engineering expertise.
  5. Writing, blogging and sharing.
  6. Learning, and,
  7. Exploring the world.


Now, I know you may think that 1 and 2 is a real DUH, but I thrive on helping my loved
ones.  I would hope we all do!  I love being a mom.  If that sounds petty, too bad. You may think 1 and 2 may not answer my monetization goal, but I beg to differ.  If you follow your passions, you will be successful.  I can help my loved ones by supporting their initiatives with my skills. I’m blessed with the relationships I have and I am focused on improving relationships in my life which will in turn improve my life.

Now, 3 and 4 are traditional 9 to 5’er type career skill sets.  But I am not trying to replace a job with another 9 to 5 trading my time for money position.  Instead, I want to focus on using these skills to generate multiple streams of income.  And, now here is the real genius, I want to merge my engineering, real estate with my writing skills to help others. Sort of a melting pot, eh? Unique, maybe. Doable, definitely.

In the weeks moving forward, I will be researching hot topics and methods of distributing knowledge content, primarily digital and publishable products.  Any ideas and guidance are welcome.  As attributed to Buddhist proverbs, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear!” Mentors welcome!




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