Try This Mindfulness Technique?

aa-meditateLike many people, I have created problems in my life by overthinking. As a driven, Type A personality, overthinking comes naturally…unfortunately.  And, unfortunately (again), what we hold on the inside is manifested in our outer world.
Living in the past can create regrets or blocks.  Living in the future can create fears. Neither situation allows you to live to your potential in the present. You must be present in your present to create the life you want. One way to be present is to focus on mindfulness. Mindfulness is living in the present. It is putting the past behind us and not letting it poison our present. It is stopping the worry and dreams or fears of tomorrow where you are not yet. Letting your ego control creates anxiety. Being in the present will bring peace. This inner peace will manifest outer peace where all we create comes. Are you struggling in your outer world?  Finances? Relationships?
Controlling negative self talk and worry is hard.  The conscious brain is constantly sending thoughts which should be controlled. Mindfulness techniques control our thoughts and provide inner peace. Meditation and mantras train us to focus and control our thoughts providing inner peace.  The practice of meditation is just that – a practice. Just like a pianist is not a concerto performer without practice, a person will struggle to control their thoughts during meditation initially. Start easy. I like to start with 10 minutes focusing on breathing in through my nose slowly, feeling the air on my nostrils, and then out through my mouth, again feeling the warm air exit. With my thumb, I press my index finger and say ‘Peace.’ Then I press my thumb on my middle finger and say ‘Begins.’ Next, I press my thumb on my ring finger and say ‘With.’ Finally, I press my finger on my pinky finger and say ‘me.’  I repeat this as I breathe in and out and focus on shutting down any worrying thoughts or memories. Try it.

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