Clutter: The Hidden Costs.



lifes clutter

Clutter. Everyone has it.  Some more than others. But have your considered what clutter does to your life? Clutter hides the things that are important. Clutter obfuscates clarity.

Digging through clutter to find what you want, both physically and mentally, wastes time and energy. (Energy…we’ll get back to that concept in a moment.)

More importantly, clutter brings to life the past. If you’re in my tribe and believe that the world is a flux of energy and you attract that which matches your frequency (see Quantum Physics Theory!), you will see that the past is bringing more of that into your life, potentially energy (pun intended) that is not positive. Consider Einstein who said, “The definition of insanity is repeating the same actions and expecting a different result.”  If you want to turn things around, consider what reminders you may have cluttering your life and mind. If you want to move forward with your life, you have to put the past where it belongs –  in the past.

Reduce activities that don’t bring you joy or align with your life goals. This year, I am resigning from several citizen advisory boards with which I have participated for several years. I will continue volunteering in the community, but I will focus my energy on groups where I want to move forward. I will also lose the guilt or shame I feel explaining to others what changes I am making and why. It is ok.  And, who cares what I think anyway?!

Eliminate objects that bring forward past memories, particularly difficult ones. This way, you are better able to move forward in life. For instance, old VHS video cassettes take up space and, if you’re like me and tossed the old technology VHS player, are rarely viewed. Send them off to someone who can digitize them. It is only about twenty bucks per tape! CDs, documents, old photographs, likewise, can be digitized. As I am a photograph lover (and passionate traveler), I don’t like to get rid of pictures.  But, I have learned over time that it is ok to destroy a photograph I don’t like or one that brings up associated memories I may be better off to forget. Try it. It can be liberating.

Now I understand that some things, like old wedding rings (see MY photograph) riing
have value attached to them. If you don’t want to part with it, store it away; put it out of sight and mind. Or, consider changing it into something new. If you’re just keeping it for the financial value, find someone who can assess the value and then sell it. Use those proceeds to move forward in your life or create a new memory. I recently traded in my old wedding band for a new pair of earrings. I feel like I closed the door on a past mistake and opened a window of freedom!

As I launch into my 2016 goals and continue my transformation into a life of intention and peace, I am decluttering debris from both my space and mind. A debris removal might be the first big step on your peace journey allowing you to welcome new things, events, and, most importantly, people into your life. So dive in!  Have a great journey.  And, see my round cut diamond solitaire engagement ring for sale!

Namaste.ring 5

I welcome your comments and advice for future topics.  (If you want the ring, message me and I will provide diamond certification.)

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GONE GONE GONE…..Thank You Thank You Thank You to Deerwood Jewelers!  This “Bad Juju” as the jeweler said, is in my past allowing me to move on with my life in a more positive and free way! I hope someone else will enjoy the beautiful diamond!




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