Self Management


An important part of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is self management, using your awareness of your emotions in controlling your actions. Sounds easier than it is!  Although there are many aspects of self management targeting techniques to identify and and manage your emotions, for increasing emotional intelligence, the three motivating strategies for success that I like are:

  1. Make your goals public.
  2. Visualize success.
  3. Focus on the positive.

Making your goals public is a powerful motivator. For the fear of failure alone, putting yourself out there and taking ownership gives you a strong sense of accountability and helps defeats procrastination. Being in the public eye pushes you out of your comfort zone and, hopefully,  into a growth and performing phase. Cherish this transparency and learn to love the discomfort. Once you recognize the uncomfortable emotions, fear, shame, sadness or anger, you are able to better address them and control them while pursuing your goal.

There are many philosophies and studies, both secular and nonsecular, on the manifesting powers of thought of which I won’t cover here- but do yourself a favor and look into it.  Now, however, ask yourself this question, “If you can’t see it, how can you accomplish it?”  Visualizing yourself succeeding trains your brain to focus on new beliefs which creates new habits which translates to new skills.  Skills that will help you succeed. Take a lesson from great athletes who envision successful training events and picture your success.

Focusing on the positive and remembering your successes keeps you both happy and better in tune with your goals. Why remember your limitations or failures? This isn’t just to be the happy Ned Flanders.  Staying positive, while improving the outward emotional balance around you, also improves your outlook. Positive thoughts reduce stress and the resultant cortisols and chemicals that interupt thought processes. So do your brain a favor and couch everything in the positive!

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