The Power of N O

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by all the obligations that you have? lovParenting, community, job. We are all pulled and pushed in multiple ways. Have you dreamed of just putting everything away? The answer is to learn how to use two letters-and they just happen to be next to each other in the alphabet. N and O. Put them together. Say it. No. Breathe it out. No. If there’s a request that doesn’t respect you say, “No.” If there’s a request that doesn’t bring value to you, say, “No.” If there something that you simply do not want to do, say, “No.” The power of NO is invigorating. Learn to use these two letters. When you use the letters NO, it makes when you use the other three letters, and they are Y E S, much more valuable.

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Lesley Davidson

2 thoughts on “The Power of N O

  1. Lesley. Great post again. Yes I feel this all of the time. The problem with me is I love to help amd coach others and the better I am at it the more people expect. I have learned to say no and have established some boundaries. My sister and one of my best friends has been telling me this for years. I just started another business and the business and my customers come first otherwise the business will fail. It is simple business dollars and sense!!!!
    Check out my new website. Business is booming. I may want to expand throughout the USA. More on that later

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